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Facing a common challenge that many U.S. medical facilities struggle to overcome, a large medical system serving Missouri and Illinois residents asked Aya Healthcare and HCTN to help staff its electronic medical record (EMR) conversion. System administrators required that the project roll out in phases across its 12 healthcare facilities.

The project also presented some unique RN recruitment obstacles, such as the wide range of specialties needed (12+) and, for one phase of the project, nurses with no shift preference and no time-off requests.

Project Results



HCTN placed 42 travel nurses at the medical system through Aya in less than one year. Overall, the submittal-to-placement rate for HCTN travelers was above 45%.

Even with the additional recruitment obstacles, the HCTN account management team and recruitment force was able to deliver quality RN talent in a timely manner.

As of late April 2018, there were still around 20 HCTN travel nurses working in the medical system.

How HCTN Delivered

Success for the client was achieved by an allocation of dedicated recruitment resources across all three of HCTN’s brands—Tailored Healthcare Staffing, Next Travel Nursing, and
Medical Staffing Options.

Each recruiting brand assembled a “SWAT” team of recruiters to lead orders for the medical system. In addition, there was an internal incentive program put in place to drive recruiters—and the nurses they work with—to these particular job orders.

HCTN also dedicated marketing and credentialing resources to the project. Lead generation efforts on Facebook and Google AdWords, as well as email nurturing campaigns, helped to grow the pool of qualified RN candidates interested in travel work in this region. Meanwhile, a team of select credentialing specialists focused their efforts on moving said candidates through the pipeline, greatly reducing the lag time between initial interest in a travel job to a nurse’s first shift at the facility.

To ensure that this quick-moving project did not leave any travel nurse feeling unsupported by our team, Heal Carousel Chief Nursing Officer Earl Dalton was made available for quality assurance and to conduct clinical coaching as needed. Health Carousel Nurse Manager Donita Ross was also made available to supplement Earl on the clinical side.