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A large medical center in upstate New York has been utilizing multiple companies to meet their staffing needs, including HCTN.  The facility has a selection process in place that goes through an analysis to determine the quality of the nursing candidates.  It tiers the candidates based on the bill rate of each staffing firm.  The medical center then reaches out to the firm that has the lowest bill rate first to fill their openings.  If the company with the lowest cost cannot meet their needs, they move on to the next company. 

Their process made it difficult to fill open positions because typically the lower-cost staffing agencies didn’t have the size or scale in place to meet their needs.  These smaller agencies also did not have the infrastructure to work through the screening, credentialing and licensing necessary to prepare the nurses for assignment.  This left the system constantly juggling multiple agency contacts to try and fill their open positions.


The medical center was familiar with HCTN’s services but had not worked with our company on a large scale.  They utilized our nurses only in the few instances when they reached HCTN in their tiered process.  However, when they worked with HCTN they were impressed with our responsiveness and ability to quickly and efficiently fill their open positions.  After having success with our candidates, the medical center decided to increase their orders to HCTN. 

Our team quickly ramped up our support and provided top notch service to get our nurses onboarded and ready for assignment.  In just under 3 months we increased our staff there by more than 45 nurses.  HCTN was even able to customize our services to the medical center’s needs.  Because of the quick turnaround the nurses were struggling to arrive prepared at the appropriate start time.  HCTN’s credentialing team created an extra step in our integration process to effectively communicate the expectations to our nurses so there were no breakdowns.


HCTN now has over 65 nurses staffed across multiple facilities.  The medical center continues to send out orders to all staffing companies.  But they come back to HCTN because they know what to expect.  HCTN is able to meet the nurse quantity demands.  More importantly we can deliver the quality necessary for them to remain a top provider in their area.  This is evident in HCTN’s 78.5% extension rate and only a 7% termination rate.

“The candidates supplied are ready to interview on short notice and almost always accept the positions offered. The candidates also meet the qualifications we are looking for prior to submission, such as EPIC experience, trauma experience, and teaching hospital experience.  The account manager is available by phone or email whenever needed. He is easy to communicate with and responds to any questions or issues very quickly. He is a pleasure to work with.” – Travel Nurse Coordinator

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